3 things to do before bed to sleep better
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3 Quick Things To Do Before Bed To Sleep Better

Do you have a nighttime routine? Here are 3 quick things to do before bed to sleep better – every night.

Routines are vital for me, they keep my constantly running brain more organized and a lot less crazy. As a parent, it is so easy to forget that just like our little(s), we crave a sense of structure and consistency as well. I have a bed time routine set for Malachi that we DO NOT deviate from, unless for an emergency, for any reason. But I have never really had a bedtime routine for myself and have unknowingly been suffering due to it’s absence. So, I have been trying to find what works for me, that I can do on a nightly basis that will allow me to sleep better, wake up more refreshed, and kick even more ass!

3 Quick Things To Do Before Bed To Sleep Better

Below are the 3 things to do before bed that have PROVEN to work for ME. In no way, shape, or form am I giving any medical advice in this posts. Just sharing with you guys what has positively impacted how I feel each morning waking up 🙂

The 3 Quick Tips


The power of a mindset should never be downplayed. It is so vital that you maintain a positive mindset on a consistent basis so that when sh*t happens, and it always will, you will have the capability to see past it to all the great blessings still occurring in your life. Every night, I like to list at least 5 good things I am thankful for that happened that day. And it’s not always big stuff like I got a new job! Sometimes, it’s I found a parking spot on P3 of the staff garage! So you have to train your mind to be thankful in ALL things, big or small, bad or good. Some examples I often find myself thankful for are:
  • Malachi and his unconditional love
  • Ability to provide for Malachi
  • A new care with a full tank of gas
  • Seeing one of my favorite patients
  • My sweet mama and Tyler
  • FOOD (I mean..duh?)
  • Low-card beer (again..duh)


“A woman with dreams is inspiring, but a woman with vision is DANGEROUS”
If you’re like me and work a full time job on top of blogging (or another passion) you spend about half your day committed to commuting to work, working, then commuting back home. (when you get to snap that bra off, whew!)  So the rest of those 12ish hours need to be utilized constructively and wisely. If you wake with a clear cut vision of how you are going to capitalize your free time to get you closer to your goals then you are already ahead of half of your competition. Personally, I enjoy writing things down but even if you just think about what you want to accomplish in the upcoming day that is an improvement from not doing so. Set 2-4 goals for yourself to accomplish each day that will make a direct positive impact on your success. (this includes self-love, treat cho self!) An example of what a nightly goal list for me looks like:
  • Start new blog post
  • Finish a draft blog post
  • Do research over SEO optimization
  • Find a natural DIY face mask for oily skin


Your brain is surrounded by constant stimulation throughout the day whether that be at work, during school, at home, pretty much anything besides sleeping. At bedtime, people (myself included) often find themselves stuck in something I call the “tinker trap.” You start with just liking a few pictures, then you start alternating back and forth between different social media outlets then finally you look up and an hour has passed. Studies show that this does effect your sleep cycle and should be avoided ideally at least an hour before bed. Personally, I have struggled for a long time with getting enough REM sleep, the last stage in the sleep cycle that has major restorative powers! So I can be sleep but due to my irregular brain activity my body will skip that last cycle, leaving me just as drained as when I fell asleep. Since implementing my “unplug and unwind time” before bed, I have been waking up feeling so much more refreshed and rested. And I promise you guys, those notifications will be there in the morning.
So when you find yourself at the end of your long day try out these three things and catch those zzz’s! I hope you guys find these helpful!


Jamie 🙂

3 Quick Things For Better Sleep

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