3 Tips For Stress-Free Travel During The Holidays

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3 Tips For Stress-Free Travel During The Holidays

Holiday season is here – for most of us that means copious amounts of comfort food and family time! So if you’re getting ready to go visit the fam, here are tips for stress-free travel during the holidays!
This post is going to be focusing on travel via flying. Don’t worry though, if you’re traveling by land, this post has you covered! 

Tips For Stress-Free Travel During The Holidays 


Don’t eye roll when you read this, I know you’ve boarded the plane without peeing. I also KNOW you were filled with instant regret as soon as you saw the seat belt light flash. Especially when you’re trying to convince your child that their pea size bladder can wait until we’ve taken off. Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend going to the bathroom before you board the plane. Then you won’t have to stumble to the bathroom after too many on-flight mimosas, you’re welcome.

*TIP* I make a point to try to find the far off, secluded bathroom or opt to use the family bathroom. Airports are disgusting and I want to lower my chances of bacteria transferal as much as possible.. yes I’m OCD, no I don’t care. *pulls out travel size Lysol wipes.*



I LOVE to fly with Southwest, but early check-in is a must. For their boarding process, it’s first come first serve so your check-in time determines what boarding group you are in and with open seating, trust me, you’re going to want to be in at least group 1-4. My second choice for flying is American Airlines. Their boarding process is determined by the ticket type you’ve purchased. So if you splurged on the first class ticket, no need to watch the clock to try to check-in right at that 24 hour mark. On the flip side, unless you’re an American Airline reward card holder and you’ve purchased a main cabin ticket, you’re going to be in one of the last boarding groups no matter how early you check-in. I still encourage you to check in early though, group 6 is better than 9!

*TIP* If you’re flying with little(s), you get priority boarding for any airline. Woohoo! 



Flying can be stressful even if you’re not actually afraid of heights or the limited air supply of an airplane. Between getting the house ready, packing everyone’s stuff, getting out the door, checked-in, through security, and at your gate all with this looming ticking clock is SCRESSFULLLL, especially with children. However, there is a saving grace and her name is preparation. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” isn’t just something your mom would tell you so she doesn’t have a 30-year-old roommate on her hands, it’s the truth! I loathe coming home from traveling to a dirty home, so I make sure everything is tidy before leaving, even at 4:00 am.


*TIP* A week out from your departure, write out your to-do list, complete a couple of tasks each day leading up to your trip and before you know it you’ll leave feeling productive and care-free!

See, I told you guys this list was straight forward and crazy simple but it still serves as a good reminder. I hope you guys found these tips useful, and don’t forget to check here before you head to your next destination! If you’re heading to NOLA, San Antonio or Cali here are posts for you! Happy Holidays everyone!
Safe Travels,


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