3 Free Fitness Websites To Get Fit
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Getting fit can get costly, very very quickly. These 3 fitness websites will help you get and stay fit free of charge! 


What makes fitness expensive? 

  • Scam products (teas, lollipops, shakes, etc)
  • Gym memberships ($15+ monthly)
  • Supplements ($5-150+)
  • Online workout programs (can be billed monthly, semi-annually, or annually)

The list goes on and on depending on what you find necessary for your fitness journey. There’s nothing wrong with having a gym membership or taking healthy supplements but they will add up so budget accordingly. Your health should be a priority, invest in yourself! However, there are some ways to cut costs without sacrificing your results!


3 FREE fitness websites

  1. Fitness Blender – I LOVE Fitness Blender so much! Their YouTube has a ton of free content for all different skill levels. So if you’re a beginner, don’t worry they have a ton of modified workouts to help you find your groove! A lot of their routines don’t require any equipment which is super convenient if you’re working out on the go or while traveling. They have HIIT, Barre, and Pilates style workouts if you want to mix things up. The best part? It’s 100% free, no gimmicks, no fine lines, just free! They offer personalized programs and meal plans for a fee, they’re priced very competitively so if you’re going that route, still check them out!
  2. Tone It Up – TIU is a community of women who are passionate about empowering themselves and others through fitness. They have a lot of free content on their site as well. They have daily and weekly scheduled workouts focusing on all different areas for the whole week. TIU also host the Bikini Series and post weekly workout schedules for all the #TIUbabes to follow along. The sense of community that Karena and Katrina have been able to foster is amazing. Definitely a good resource for anyone who wants to have bomb resources available right from your cellphone!
  3. POPSUGAR Fitness – POPSUGAR doesn’t just share the latest social gossip and fashion tips but some dope fitness routines! On their website they have a lot of good articles covering all things fitness – routines, music, recipes, you name it. On their YouTube, you can find full-length workout routines with varying degrees of difficulty, totally free!

Whether you decide to go to the gym or to workout from your living room these 3 free fitness websites will completely overhaul your fitness journey! Let’s continue to push to be our best selves and improve from the inside out! Happy Friday babes!


Good vibes, 


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