4 Natural Hair Mistakes To Avoid

4 Natural Hair Mistakes You NEED To Avoid

There’s a huge movement centered around natural black hair right now. The amount of information and products available for our hair is at an all time high but how do you know if you’re doing the right things for you and your hair? Read these 4 natural hair mistakes you NEED to avoid. 


4 Natural Hair Mistakes You NEED To Avoid 


  • Sulfates

Remember that saying that oil and water don’t mix? In this case, sulfates and healthy natural hair DO NOT mix. Sulfates strip your hair and scalp of the valuable natural oils our hair desperately needs. While there is some value in the way sulfate is able to cleanse the dirt and build up that naturally occurs in our hair, it leaves behind more damage than I find it’s worth.

*The one exception to this is if you have super excessively oily natural hair, then it may be of some benefit to use products containing sulfate occasionally. If you do choose to use products with sulfate in them, be sure to deep condition often to replenish and moisturize your hair/scalp.*

  • Irregular shampooing

I’m guilty of over-washing my hair before I knew the harm that it could cause. I sweat A LOT so I always thought my scalp needed to be washed every.single.day. I couldn’t understand why my hair was pleading for moisture but all along it was my over shampooing with products containing sulfate that was stripping my hair of it’s life.

There’s a general rule that you should shampoo no more than 1x a week in the natural hair community but that just doesn’t work for me. I wash my hair 2x per week and have found that’s a good balance for my hair and the amount of oil/build-up it produces. PLEASE, don’t think avoiding shampoo will help you achieve healthy hair, the most important thing to remember is that cleaning your hair is not your enemy, find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

  • Not trimming your ends

You want long, healthy natural hair so cutting your hair seems counterproductive right? WRONG! Trimming your ends is a MAJOR key to natural hair growth. The strands of your hair get thinner the longer that they grow making your ends more susceptible to breakage. While trimming your ends alone won’t guarantee hair growth, it will guarantee that your hair is healthy and not breaking which can result in longer natural hair. Let the old go and the new will grow, ya feel me?

  • Using too much/too little product – 

I’m sure y’all are tired of my soapbox about product usage but it really is SO important to be using the RIGHT products for YOUR hair. Which products you need to use is entirely dependent on what/how your hair responds to many different factors. So first, determine what level of porosity your hair is. Then pick your products based on that.

If you have super high porosity hair, moisture is much harder for you to retain so you need products that will seal the moisture in for you. If you have low porosity hair, it’s tough for moisture to get in but once it’s there, you’re good for awhile, so you don’t need to worry about sealants but more about moisturizers that are light-weight as low porosity hair is prone to product build-up. Don’t be afraid to mix things up until you find the right routine for you. Need help finding products? Check out this post.


The most important thing about your natural hair journey is that your remember it is YOURS. Each of us are so beautifully unique and that includes our hair. Don’t compare, don’t get frustrated, educate yourself and be patient. Healthy hair is coming queens! 

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