5 Life Lessons Every Millennial Needs To Know

5 Life Lessons Every Millennial Needs To Know

If you’re a millennial then you know all of the negative stigmas that come with it. Here are 5 life lessons every millennial needs to know to navigate adulthood and flourish in life! 


This is a guest post written by Dee of My Dee Dee’s Diary . For more information on Dee, check her bio at the end of the post. 


You’ve probably seen this quote somewhere “Don’t go through life, grow through it.” I really never understood what it meant until a few years ago. The older you become the more it seems that life hands you its fair share of lessons. There are some lessons that I have learned and passed with flying colors because they were easy peasy. On the other hand, during the past few months there have been lessons that have truly shaken my belief of what adulthood really was. Here are the 5 important life lessons I wished I’d learned last year.

5 Life Lessons EVERY Millennial Needs To Know 



When I first got to Japan I was still healing from a very messy, painful breakup. I had no idea what it truly meant to be single and I was struggling. Everywhere I went, there were couples happily taking pictures for IG and flaunting how happy they were. They made me sick. They also made me wonder if I was doing this whole single thing incorrectly because of how I felt towards them. It took me way too long to learn that being single is a learning experience. There is no right or wrong way to be single because it’s not a science. You have to take the time to learn you. There will be mistakes and there will be nights of ruthless ice cream eating while watching Netflix. The most important part of being single is that you will come to understand exactly who you are. You’ll understand what sets your heart afire and what makes you cringe. Take this time that you have as a single woman and relish it. There’s so much that being single has to offer you.

(This point goes perfectly with my post about ending toxic relationships)


Wow! This one shook me the most because it recently happened. For the past year I felt like I was having an amazing relationship with a few of my coworkers. They were supportive and kind and I was truly amazed at my experience. No lie. Then this past April everything changed. They barely smiled whenever I was around and whenever I asked a question I would be rewarded with one-word answers and I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then I realized. People change because nothing stays the same. My coworkers had had changed and so had I. That blew my mind. It’s like a light bulb came on. The more independent and outspoken I had become, the more resentful others seemed and I had to understand that this was just a part of life. Many people will be there when you’re broken and struggling to get back on your feet. But once you do, once you get your groove back, some will step back because they can no longer be your knights in shining armor. I’ve also had the opposite where people I never thought I’d become friends with have now become my right arm.


There are many millennial women out there working their 9 to 5 jobs every day. Within that group, there are a number of women realizing that the careers they’d come to love for years is not their purpose in life.They want to be more. This was me this year. I had been working in the insurance industry for a while and now education and I honestly felt like this was it. I had found my purpose in life. Nope. I was dead wrong. Even after having a blog for the past 6 months, I realized what my true purpose in life was about 3 weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it. I had spent so long working on dreams and ventures that honestly weren’t mine instead of spending that time understanding what I was meant to do with my life. Don’t let that happen to you. If you feel within your gut that you’re not doing what you’re truly meant to do and something that makes you happy, you’re honestly wasting your time.


Whether it was in my past relationships or just generally, I always used to put myself last. If my man needed some new stuff I’d put my hair appointment on the back burner and just try my best to rock my braids until I could get them done. I honestly never knew how to put myself first. It also felt like if I did put myself first then that was a selfish move. I was wrong. Putting yourself first is a must. One of my favorite quotes is “you can’t serve from an empty vessel” and it’s true. If you don’t take care of yourself and know how to practice self care, there will be nothing left for you to offer to others. I’ve learned that it’s okay to have that “me” time you’ve been craving for months. Take that afternoon and chill in your pajamas. Learn how to be good to yourself. 


As a child I always felt that having tons of tons of friends was the way to go. If I wanted to be happy and popular then I needed a girl squad to rival Taylor Swift’s. So for years I tried my best to build this clique of girls I thought would make me happy. It didn’t though. The more “friends” I made the sadder I felt within. You’re probably super confused right now. So was I. All these friends that I was making weren’t really my friends. Many of them had no idea what my last name even was and that’s just sad. Early this year, I’ve really come to understand that less is more. You don’t need to have a hive of people around you all the time. It’s alright to have a small group of amazing girlfriends around who will be there through thick and thin.


This year has honestly been one of growth, struggles and successes. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Life is meant to teach so many important lessons but you also have to be open to learning. If you are open to growing through life, you’ll be surprised at the amazing things and experiences you’ll have.

I surely did.

What a difference a year has made!


Dee’s Bio:

Hi there! I’m Dee, the founder of My Dee Dee’s Diary. I am a millennial woman who enjoys helping her millennial sisters embrace their awesomeness + become the freakin’ supernovas they were always meant to be by sharing advice, personal development tips, everything career, relationship + so much more. On my blog you can expect to discover who you are and learn what it takes to be successful and happy, navigate relationships + dating, get help managing personal finances and solve money problems, get helpful life hacks to help you grow as a strong, millennial woman.

Sounds like alot but it’ll all make sense in the end. Catch you on the other side!

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Dee of Dee Dee's Diary

I loved the encouragement Dee is giving us all through her experiences and truth. To me, that’s what blogging is all about. Thank you so much Dee! We can’t wait to have you back. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow her on the links above.


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