Fat Girl Fitness


What is this?

Fat Girl Fitness is a resource for anyBODY that wants to live a healthier, yet balanced, lifestyle. No shakes, no teas, and for damn sure, no lollipops involved. Every Friday I will be posting workouts, wins, and/or failures on here for us all to learn from. I will be creating a Facebook page for F.G.F. as well to foster a community of real, supportive people who will encourage us to live our best lives!


Why Fat Girl Fitness?

In my opinion, there is such an over-saturation of people who claim to have found the end all-be all hack for fitness, especially weight loss. So here’s my disclaimer: I eat consciously but freely, I don’t workout 5x/week (I’m still active though), I have lost over 50lbs since my highest weight, I did it withOUT any supplements, I’m not vegan and most of my food isn’t IG-worthy. I’m not a RD (registered dietitian), magical tummy tea ambassador nor do I have a JLO body..yet.

The fact is I’m a young, single, working mama who is trying to re-establish self-love and self-worth. Taking care of my body fell under the self-love umbrella naturally for me and it will for you as well. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, I still can’t say no to street tacos, tequila, and I’m often eating too many Oreo’s. Actually, I’m not sure if this is possible, but from what I’ve been told, I eat too many LOL. So although I will be sharing some fact-based health tips and exercises, this is not going to be a do this not that type of thing. This will be a realistic depiction and celebration of the journey that is becoming/being fit including a lot of hot messes, naturally.

The thing about YOUR fitness journey is that there is only one person in control, you. So although this comes with a lot of responsibility it is completely liberating! We have to decide to be committed to trying to get and maintain being healthy or forever live in a cycle of dissatisfaction. “Your dream won’t work if you don’t” is one of my favorite quotes to remind myself that I do have the power to manifest what I want in this life and so do YOU!

I really am so excited for this because it’s so important for people to see no matter where you are starting from, getting healthy can and will happen as long as you’re consistent, committed, and kind to yourself. Failures are inevitable, but when you view this as a life time journey you know that no matter what, you can start again and come back even stronger!

I can’t wait to grow with you all!

Love and Oreo’s,