LCO VS LOC Methods

One of the hardest parts about having natural hair is keeping it properly moisturized. There are two moisture methods that are super popular in the natural hair community. The first is the LOC moisture method which stands for liquid, oil, cream. The second is the LCO moisture method meaning liquid, cream, then oil. Both are good options to retain moisture, keep your curls poppin’ and ultimately, grow your natural hair. 


The whole idea of each of these methods is that layering the right products will allow for maximum moisture retention which ultimately means healthy, flawless curls and more growth! So which method is best for you? Read more to find out!

What is the LOC moisture method? 

  1. Liquid 

  2. Oil 

  3. Cream 

Start by moisturizing hair with a liquid, water is the best for this. While rose water is great, good ole’ tap water will do just fine. Secondly, add a sealing oil, I love Jojoba oil as a sealant. Coconut oil is great for moisturizing but penetrates the hair shaft too much to really seal in the moisture. Lastly, add a thick hair cream or butter to finish off your look and add some definition. I love Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie, it works well, very affordable and smells SO good! 

What is the LCO moisture method? 

  1. Liquid 

  2. Cream

  3. Oil 

Similar to the LOC moisture method, the LCO method is a 3-step method to achieve maximum moisture retention. Start by moisturizing hair with a liquid, again, water is your best friend. Second, add in your thick cream/butter to define your curls. If you’re not feeling the Shea Moisture product, your local beauty supply will have a surplus of options. Just remember, READ YOUR LABELS! Finally, add a sealing oil to lock in the moisture, Jamaican black castor oil and grape seed oils are great options in addition to jojoba. 





Things To Consider When Deciding If The LCO or LOC Method Is Best For You + Your Hair 

  • Hair porosity levels –  Your hair’s ability to release and retain moisture plays a huge role in how your hair is going to respond to products. If you don’t know what level of porosity your hair is, do this test and you’ll know within a few minutes! 
  • Be conscious of product usage – The products you use matter. Read your labels and don’t be afraid to invest in your hair. Try different things to see what your hair responds to and what you can live without. 
  • Be conscious of product buildup – Applying layered products can result in product build up and weighed down curls. Make sure you’re on a healthy wash schedule to avoid build up. 
  • Be patient – Your natural hair journey is unique to you and you alone. Don’t compare, be patient, and be open to changing things when your hair doesn’t respond the way you want. 


Personally, I prefer to use the LCO moisture method, I’ve found that it works best with my high porosity hair. My curls respond the best with my last step being a sealing oil. Need product recommendations or general natural hair care tips? Check out this post and this post for some must-have, affordable, natural hair care products and need to know natural hair care advice!


Wishing you all a good hair day, 


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